Philip C. Swift serves as a member of our Advisory Board. Mr. Swift is a leading energy investment professional in Canada and has extensive equity investment, corporate advisory and direct investment management experience. From 2006 to present, Mr. Swift has served as Executive Chairman of the Ayrshire Group, a family office investment platform that invests primarily in commercial real estate and related businesses. In 1989, Mr. Swift co-founded ARC Financial Corp. and from 1989 to October 2017 he held numerous senior management positions including President, Chief Executive Officer, Co-Chairman and Vice-Chairman before his retirement in October 2017. Mr. Swift also served as a member of ARC Financial’s Investment Committee. Mr. Swift provided leadership support for ARC Group with a focus on strategy, corporate development and investment decision-making. He originated the ARC Group’s private equity
investing activities in 1990 and led and grew this business, which has raised more than $4.68 billion since launching in 1987.

Prior to 1989, Mr. Swift served as an energy securities analyst and a vice-president and director of Nesbitt Burns. Mr. Swift holds a Bachelor of Science (Math) degree and a Master of Business
Administration degree from the University of British Columbia. He is a recipient of the Warren Bennis Award for Leadership Excellence as well as the Pinnacle Award for achievement in entrepreneurship. Mr. Swift also speaks at numerous energy and private equity conferences in Canada and internationally and coauthored a book published by McGraw Hill entitled “In Search of Leadership — How Great Leaders Answer the Question “Why Lead?”

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